The coming elections will have a huge impact on the economy of the country. Many of the Make-in-India initiatives will bear fruit in the coming days and India shall need a stable Government to continue the same.
If the ruling party is elected, many of their infrastructure initiatives coupled with Make-in-India initiatives will be continued which will boost the economic performance of the nation. If they are not elected the new Government may revisit the program which will lead to delay in infrastructure development. For example, we are all aware as to what happened to Golden quadrilateral project.

Elections entails huge expenditure which may result in inflation and the New Government will have to balance the promises made with the expectation of people. Furthermore, the Defence sector needs huge investment and the Finance Minister will have to walk a tightrope in reducing taxes, increasing revenue and at the same time spending more on infrastructure which would spur the economic growth. The results of the election would greatly affect the flow of FDI and the opportunities for the Indian market globally.

The need of the hour is an educated choice of the voters to ensure the continuity which will spur economy and business.

Hoping for good times ahead for the economy and the profession. 

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